is an AI researcher and technologist based in London, via Cupertino and Shanghai. Her work combines rigorous technical research with speculative philosophical analysis and illustrative world-building to instantiate a more viable future with synthetic intelligence.

She is a doctoral student in computer science at Oxford, prototyping new architectures for models capable of continual learning and open-ended evolution. She is also an affiliate researcher at Antikythera, hosted by the Berggruen Institute—where she was a researcher in the inaugural 2023 studio.

Her various proposals on speculative technologies have been supported by Antikythera, Serpentine Arts Technologies, RadicalxChange, and PACT Zollverein. She is a frequent co-conspirator at Trust, where she mentors projects for Trust Quests.

Previously, she was a software engineer at DeepMind, implementing systems for ML experimentation at scale and conducting sociotechnical research. She has a BA in Computer Science and Studio Art from Dartmouth.

She is currently interested in structures that yield generative friction, non-western stacks, xeno-alignment, and the necessity of machine amnesia.


Whole Earth Codec title card
Viewing the sensing layer of the Whole Earth Codec from underneath
A diagram of different types of data within a CGI forest

Whole Earth Codec. A speculative proposal for a multi-modal foundation model trained on planetary-scale ecological sensing. 18 minute CGI film, essay, and website. Antikythera (2023).

Vivarium title card
A matrix of possible human-AI configurations within toy world simulations
A networked swarm of AI within a toy world discover a squid

Vivarium. A vaporware platform for training AI in embodied cognition through "toy world" simulations. 17 minute CGI and found footage film, essay, and website. Antikythera (2023).


Subverting machines, fluctuating identities. How machine learning immobilizes the autopoietic nature of human identity. ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (2022).

The subtle language of exclusion. How to detect TERFs on Twitter using topic modeling and follower networks. The 6th Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (2022).


The algorithmic internet. We have been poisoned by the original dream of technology manifest in the algorithmically-sculpted internet: boundless scale and frictionless ease. Where do we go from here? Readings for Paradigm Trilogy, issue 2: Man vs. machine (2023).


𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔟𝔬𝔵✦ Whole Earth Codec. What currently imperceptible, high-level concepts might emerge from embedding the biosphere? This sandbox explores ongoing research around the Whole Earth Codec. Trust (2023).

LIVE! from Berlin. Recorded at the AI Anarchies conference, we discuss contaminating technology and secret third things beyond repair or refusal. The Good Robot Podcast (2022).